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Purrrchased a pair of Silver Bengal Kitten Hoop Earrings. I LOVE them!!! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent service! They arrived from US to Finland in less than a week. ♥
Purrrrrrfect pendant! You don't find Sphynx cat jewelery that often. This is so unique and beautiful - and really captures the Sphynx personality. I love it. I'll come back for more for my other kitty cat gifts! Thanks so much, Kay!

I received your jewelry yesterday ! What a wonderful surprise when I opened it !! It's beautiful, better than on the pics !! I really enjoy it !!
I will show it to some of my friends who breed Siberian cat here in Europe, !
It's a wonderful Xmas present for me !!!
Thank you again !!

I wanted to let you know that my husband purchased one of your silver serval pendants for me for our anniversary and I absolutely love it! I am so thrilled with it. He knows that I have been wanting one for awhile and that I prefer to purchase anything made or offered by average people like us and not a corporation. So I was thrilled with him buying this from you for me. It is gorgeous. Thank you.

I received my large sterling silver Savannah pendant in the mail yesterday. I am so pleased and happy! The detail is amazing ~ you can see each little toe. The size is just perfect, not too big, not too small......just the right size to be stunning!!

Fazio's customer service is stellar!! It is a rarity in today's world to find a that has the level of professional and friendly service that Fazio's has!! Thank you so much for a beautiful product and your fast, friendly service!!!! I love, love, love my pendant!!!

Hey, Kay :)!!!!!

Oh, WOW...I am seriously in a state of having my breath taken away :)
and I do not say that lightly...he is GORGEOUS!!!!! He is even BETTER
than the photos, and those were some stellar housemate, who
is not in the habit of encouraging jewelry buying, looked at the photos
and said "EXTRAORDINARY!", and that about sums it up :) WOW...I need to
go borrow a chain and never take him off :) Thank you for the pen, too,
always useful in our line of work :)!

Any chance you might consider doing this guy as EARRINGS? Or in my
case, to be technical, EARRING? On a hoop? :) I would never ever take
that off, either :) Cheers and thanks HUGELY from the bottom of my Maine Coon filled heart
:)! and more SOON :)!

My husband just got me a sphynx charm from your store for my birthday 3 weeks ago, I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE it. People ask me if it was custom designed, it looks so much like my Sphynx Zelda! Truly a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. I will treasure it forever. Wish I could leave you nice feedback for it :). Do you have any other Sphynx items? Thanks!

Dear Kay,

Thank you for your email.I received my earrings yesterday.Fast shipment!I love them, very detailed.I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, but I know I will enjoy them for many years. I have a wonderful 5year old F3 savannah named Taliesin, who is quite the stinker.You really captured the savannah spirit in your jewelry.I am very glad I saw your add in Cat Fancy.

Best of luck.



Hi Kay!!!!

The pendant has arrived!!! OMG it is even more beautiful in person! The detail is just amazing, right down to the little Sphynx hands!!!! You captured the Sphynx perfectly. I look at the smallest of detailing and it really does amaze me the skill, talent and care it takes to create these.I am going to the jewelry store tomorrow to pick out the perfect silver chain for him.Question, can I polish him with my silver cleaning/polishing cloth in the same manner I do my other silver jewelry?Thank you again! I am so happy! This little guy means so much to me



My son has been admiring this charm for quite some time via the Cat Fancy magazine. We have 2 cats. Our oldest i s a short hair tabby named Hobbes. Our 2 year old Bengal is named Calvin. Calvin is quite unique in that he has taken up our son's bed every night since Zachary became ill. Our son is 18 and will graduate on the 21st of May from Valdosta High School, the winningest High School football team in the nation. When he was 8 years of age, Zach had brain surgery to remove a brain tumorfrom the back of the brain. The tumor hada one percent chance of returning and 17 months ago the tumor was back. Prior to the second diagnoses, Calvin became part of our family. At first, he slept with my wife. Zachary started getting headaches again and it was at this point that Calvin started sleeping with him. It was if he new that Zach was ill. December of 08 the second tumor was removed. Even though this tumor came back as cancer, the doctors in Augusta, Georgia and Shands hospital in Gainsville, Florida felt that they may have removed the cancer. So far, we have not had to go through chemo or radiation. Zach has remain strong in his faith to God and his love for his family. He has had his eye on this charm for some time. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and he will present the Bengal Charm on a gold chain to his Mother. He is really excited about this. Despite all his hurdles, Zach strives forward. He has been an all "A" student his whole life to date. With God's grace and blessings, he'll attend college this fall. Our Bengal Calvin is always by Zach's side. Whether Zach is sleeping, playing video games, or in the shower, Calvin is there. The charm is beautifully crafted and I can tell that you take Great Pride in your work. My wife has her own dental lab, making crowns and bridges for several local Dentist. As you do, she also takes pride in doing a great job. I really appreciate your talent and I thank you for making Zach's dream come true.



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