See "How it's Made"...Dogs or Cats, Dragons or Bats

Posted by Kay Fazio on 12th Jun 2016

For you pet lovers who enjoy seeing the process involved in each detailed design, here's an inside look.

This is a very special Schnauzer named Murphy.  Jim lost Murphy some time back and it was really a tough loss. Jim wanted a Pandora style bead so his wife could wear him as a memorial.  Here's a little bit about how it's made.....

Starting with a couple photos or a sketch:

Here's the wax created from several photos of Murphy.

This is our finished Murphy Schnauzer Bead Charm.  Click for more info.

and Fazio's Schnauzer Pendant. Click for more info.

Creating Jewelry is really fun work, however, designing a replica memorial of someones precious pet is priceless!

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