Sphynx Earrings Sterling Silver

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Sphynx Earrings in Sterling Silver

 Fazio's Sphynx Earrings have wrinkles upon wrinkles like a true life like Sphynx Cat should.    They are as playful as they are sweet with his paws swinging from your hoops.  Fazio's Sphynx Cat Earrings are custom carved, individually cast and hand finished in full body detail.   These earrings have a left and a right, so they will face each other and are flat on the backside.  We also offer this same Sphynx Cat as a single charm.  


  • Solid Sterling Silver each earring is approx. 3.1 grams
  • Approx. 1" long
  • They come in your choice of endless hoops or lever backs
  • His paw clasp to swing from your hoops
  • Each Sphynx Charm has a sand blasted matte, life like finish
  • They are flat on the back
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