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If you are a Sphynx lover, don't forget to   

Sphynx Ring in Sterling Silver 

Fazio's Sphynx Cat Ring is designs so his entire body snuggles sweetly around your finger .  His fully 3 dimensional head meets his hind legs and cute little tail curl on top of your finger.  Fazio's Sphynx Cat pendant has wrinkles upon wrinkles like a true life like Sphynx Cat.  His sand blasted matte finish give him that life like look of your very own sweet Sphynx.  You can almost hear him purring with his sweet expression. Fazio's Sphynx Cat Rings are custom carved, individually cast and hand finished to last for generations.  Fazio's Sphynx Cat Ring has all the life like details you have come to expect from Fazio's Cat Jewelry.  



  • Solid Sterling Silver approx 12 grams
  • His head meet his tail on the top of your finger
  • He has a sand blasted matte, life like Sphynx skin finish
  • He is very sold all the way around
  • Sizes 5 - 8 availalbe (other sizes made as ordered)
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review